Share to show your Love

Music-Ant is an Independent Music Production and Sharing Community having, only one goal. Provide a place where talented people can share and build the next Generation Music.

We at Music-Ant belive the only way to achieve this, is to have a place where everybody is able to share everything and also where everybody have access to everybodys work. But still it's important that everybody retrives the tribute, he deserved. Of course sharing the wealth with everybody, who participate on the Project is important, too.

We belive, that currently in the Music world many things are going wrong. Casting Shows, Gema, Producers and Clubs that have to close are not a good environment to make good music. At least for new artists.

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The Musicrevolution is coming

We trust in the Internet and it's possibilites. The Internet shows many times that it is able to envolve politics, cultural and social aspects of our daily live. So why not how we collobarate on making Music?

The big advantage at Music-Ant is the opportunity as a music lovin Artist to earn money with just a view clicks and some inspiration. Therefore you don't even have to finish your work. If some guys love your work and finish their version of your project, you will earn money just at the moment they do.

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Every member is equal

We belive everyone is equal and should have a voice. We DON'T want to have one strong investor dictating the direction we run. But we want to fullfill the wishes of our Users not matter if they are Musiclovers, Artists or only Supporters helping to grow this Project. Thats why this Project will be found as a Genossenschaft, where everyone holding at least one share having exactly one voice. We are not able to build this as an association, because we want to grow fastly and have to cover some costs.

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We make your wishes come true

We make your wishes come true. Unfortunately we don't have the opportunity to found this project at kickstarter. But we are lovin the internet and still love the idea of crowdfunding so we are implementing a wishing well, where the most liked feature will be implemented next. Everything is open source and hosted at github. If you are able to build the feature on your own, your Pullrequests are welcome.

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Sell music, not yourself

It's 2014 and it seems that you have to sell yourself to be successfull as an artist. You have to win a talentshow or you have to be in the gossip everyday media.

Unless you did not reach one of these goals, you wouldn't earn the money you deserve but People like Producers, Managers and Sales Company will earn a lot of money, without doing a high complex well done job.

We at Music-Ant have the plans to build an easy to understand Model, so everyone can earn Money with his pure love to music and just a few clicks.

With Music-Ant you have the opportunity to earn money with Advertisements on you Profile or Songpages, Donates and of course with sold songs just without doing anything than sharing your work. And the best is, that your work doesn't have to be even finished, because everything is open to the community, maybe other guys will finish their version of your work and you still get some bucks.

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